Hey guys, I realize I haven't been uploading much on here lately... I do apologize.

Which isn't to say I've been inactive in my projects! If you want to keep up with my creative life, I've been uploading small things to my tumblr - including photography, sketchbook pages, quick paintings, and gif experiments like this guy:

Since I don't want to be terribly redundant, I've decided to reserve this space for process updates on bigger projects. So stay tuned! There will be some fun stuff coming soon.



Here's a little something from a while back - an experimental portrait of the elfen cyborg pop goddess Claire Boucher aka GRIMES

And as a treat, it moves too! Feeling extra experimental lately :d

Come get lost with me among the mega platform shoes, pigtails and weaponry that is Grimes.


Eel Mistress

Hey folks, here's something I've been working on for fun.  It's a little loose, but I enjoyed figuring things out!

Shout out goes to the mighty Dieter Miller for some solid feedback!

This piece was one of those moments of instant inspiration type-deals, so I didn't execute this in an exactly linear way. Hope you guys dig it anyway!

PS check out the slightly creepified banner up top!


little animal

I'm back from outer dimensional journeying and I brought back some goodies!

Travel made possible by dreamy electronic soundsmiths Little Animal.
Fill your ear sacks with sound candies on their soundcloud.

(alternate designs made because I don't know when to stop toying with colors)

~ ~ ~



Flesh has the most intriguing combination of colors, don't you think?


veggie lookbook

Hey guys, here's an ebook I created and coded this semester!

I decided to try my hand at making patterns,

Plus I made some cute lookin words :' >




Listening to Feist brings out complex emotions I can't begin to explain in words.

Anyway, enjoy!


Canada Dry

A personification of the soft drink Canada Dry.
The caped character is inspired by a late 80s tagline for the soda:
"You don't have to be sweet to be good."

Thanks you, Grace Jones.

Here's a little animation of the caped girl doing a slow jig.


Spirit Animal

You might have been able to guess from the final design that this is a liquor label project.
The instructor challenged us to create a liquor label that used typography and a minimal color palette.

Being the punny person that I am, I decided to do some word play with the other name for liquor - and came up with something maybe slightly offensive.

I mean, who hasn't found some strength at the bottom of a bottle? Ha... ha....

At least it looks good, right?

There's a lesson to be learned here - commit to an ideation before going into illustrator or else you might find yourself wasting a day or two aimlessly combining shapes and colors. :|

In the end, my labels were printed out and adhered to a bottle making this design REAL and
holy CMYK

This is some exciting business.


Little Dragon

Hey guys, it's been a while.
I've got an exciting new piece to share with you -
it's a portrait of Swedish group Little Dragon!

These cool cats: 

After a sketching out ideas for a bit, I came up with one that I felt could convey a sense of their music along with their likenesses.

So I did a sketch in photoshop.
And then I decided to ink the leaves by hand because people don't lose their minds by doing that ever, right?

ha ha....hah

Finally, through the magic of photoshop...

I ended up with something I like.

What do you guys think?