finals, finally.

final product - editorial spread

I just had the last studio class of the semester, and it feels like crossing the finish line of a stressful, sleep deprived marathon.

A few moments to myself after a day of crazy, incoherent stumbling around campus led to reflection on the newly concluded semester. Pushing past the cotton balls soaking up my liquidated thoughts, I came to realize just how much I [REALLY] love doing this. Not the process of completely obliterating my sanity through half a week, but rather design and illustration.

I see myself improving in technique and thought process - it's evident form the succession of work starting from the beginning of summer to the last projects assigned this past month. (which should be uploaded soon)

But there is still a long road of discovery and introspection ahead of me.

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  1. Oh man. But no really go write your paper do this after.