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This project is a propaganda-style double page spread where we choose to illustrate one of two competing sides while considering trim and a 1 inch gutter. My partner and I chose American cute vs. Japanese cute (Kawaii), with me illustrating the Japanese side.
The piece is supposed to show the overall style of kawaii as well as the intent behind it. The kawaii culture comes from embracing the qualities of children by teens and adults alike. It is also supposed to move away from traditional values while escaping the rigid responsibility expected of grown-ups.

I tried incorporating elements of feudal Japanese woodblock prints.
Hopefully, I can finish this up soon with some rich patterns for the fabric.

the second picture is a screenshot of some kawaii references used for the project

{here} is the American side done by Sebastian

This project has the prompt of "someone you love but don't trust". I chose to depict an overall trustworthy friend who loves to have fun and always pulls a mischievous face.
Above is the color study for the piece, which I intend to do in oil paint on wood panel.
I'm trying to stay true to his personality while also trying out some new stylistic choices and techniques with heavy influences from Andrew Hem.
The color palette is based off of the piece of vintage cloth on the right, plus cyan, because I love the color.

More progress posts to come!

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  1. Amazing work, it looks awesome! Love that swirly smoke~