Hare's Mask

Here's one of my projects for editorial painting class. The story we worked from was about loss called The Hare's Mask.

color study - 
I played around with the idea of adding a graphic border consisting of vegetation to help balance the flatness of the red outlines of the sticks...but ultimately decided against it.

finished oil painting - 
too muddy for my taste, so I touched it up with my photoshop ninjitsu

final version - 
the resolution between the two scenes seemed awkward... especially around the father's sweater (there was implied lower back showing) ... I'm still not fully satisfied with how it turned out, but I feel like this project helped me figure out a lot about technique (and reawakened the oil painter in me).


  1. Great job. it has a James Jean feel to it. I personally like the idea of the graphic border because it helped pull my eyes through your whole piece and prevented my focus from going to the negative space in the bottom left corner. Either way, great job.

  2. wow, thanks so much. I might just try out the linework and see how I like it!