double the post, double the fun

continuing on the vein of finals, here is my project for the fashion & lifestyle illustration class:

The prompt was bringing awareness to a social issue - I chose eating disorders.


I did most of the piece on a circular wood panel (which I cut myself!!) with oil paint
then I popped the painting into photoshop and hit it till it quit.

part 2.

another project for editorial illustration class.

"The Language of Men"
a light and fun article from Esquire Magazine about the new rules of masculine language.

I had fun inking with a brush tip pen (my first ever) and then colorizing the spot illustrations

I had another concept for the project that I really enjoyed, 
but ultimately got discarded in the interest of time.

I might just do this one up for fun over the break. We'll see!

Happy finals, everybody, hope you've had a great semester c:

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